Eric Erickson

Woodstock's EXTRA-Sensitive Singer/Songwriter


E² blue logo Can a voice transport you to another place or time?  There is     substantial evidence that it may.  After his performances, Eric often gets remarks such as, "Boy, you really took me back to the first time I.....had an awkward, fumbling back-seat experience....heard THAT song.....had wisdom teeth out.....cheated on my taxes....."  And it seems to be because Eric's original compositions have a way of reaching right into your heart and mind to give expression to feelings and thoughts you never thought you'd be able to articulate.....but there they are: in one of Eric's tunes!  And the tasty cover songs he plays can stir those same emotions.  This experience can come upon you in many ways.  His CDs and mp3s are for sale right here on the STORE page.  There's also his growing list of YouTube videos.

But nothing matches the experience of a live performance, whether it's in your living room in front of all your friends and family, or at one of the many public venues who host Eric (you can get an idea of what that event is like here).  Yeah, a voice can do that!

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