1. Tip My Heart

From the recording Tip My Heart


A wasted vagrant, a soul who’d lost his way
That was my sorry resumé

These days I’m not so hollow, I have a path to follow


I had a dark cloud riding on my shoulder
My smiles were far between and few
But the cloud has lifted now and that’s the reason why
I gotta tip my heart to you
Strolling through town a buddy nearly passed me by
‘Til I managed to catch his eye
He said, "I know you’re name, but you don’t look the same, no!"


Oh, what a change in me, on account of your company
Some kind of sorcery that I’m under
You have eased my mind and given me in no time
An overwhelming feeling of wonder
I no longer drag my feet all day
Beneath a dreary sky of grey
The sun shines strong a noon, tonight there’s a bright full moon