The message found its way here, your sojourn is to end
At long last you’re preparing to journey home again
A flame will give direction, a lantern there will burn
Providing you a guidepost to hasten your return
You’ll see a light on the road to Woodstock to guide you home
To summon you home
You best keep your wits about you, there is danger there for sure
Hardened hearts who lie in waiting for the weary wayfarer
Keep you to the well-marked pathways,
Keep your purse beneath your cloak
And beware the lurking shadows ‘round the maple, ash and oak
And look for a light on the road to Woodstock……
They miss you on the street of tinkers
They ask about you all along the Tannery Brook
Yes, and all along the glass road they wonder
When you arrive, they will gather ‘round to look
Your respite will be fleeting, you will gather little dust
These mere walls cannot subdue your enormous wanderlust
Your passion will consume you and the road will call once more
But for now I’ll wait, anticipating your footsteps at my door
There’ll be a light on the road to Woodstock……